Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog #3 Week 4: Monique & Maisha

Are team accomplished The following for last week :

  • We finished the flyer for the block party occurring on August 27,2011.
  • We did research and presentations on different types of poems
  • (Such as Limerick, Haiku, Imagery, and even Acrostic).
  • We also brainstormed on different ideas to stop violence.
  • We thought of great ideas for our CD name.
We did critical thinking, problem solving, creative & innovation which allowed us to practice employable skills.

This week are team will accomplish:
  1. The Lead Artist and Artworks leadership will meet with each intern for a formal evaluation.
  2. Each intern will review the goals they set for themselves on fundamentals day.
  3. We will ask a co-worker for their input.
  4. We will assess what progress we have made towards achieving them.
  5. We will also determine what specific steps they need to take to meet/exceed our goals. 
We will focus on communication & collaboration employable skills.

Personal Feedback:
  • So far I think that this program is fun and it teaches every intern different types of work ethics.
  • The group participating in communicating with one another, group decision making, and every interns voice being heard was easier than I expected.
  • Creative writing was the most difficult than I expected.

Monday, July 18, 2011

week2: Stacy Cooper

Last Week, our team accomplished the following tasks
  1. Window exsercises
  2. Letters to five people
  3. Met with career coaches at Manpower
  4. We wrote to our futures selves
  5. We also wrote to our five year old selves
This Week, our team will accomplish 
  1. Making changes to our flyer for the block party
  2.   Meeting with our career coaches at Manpower
Personal Feedback:
    I think that  the program has made a great progress  in our work .
    The program has been easier then I have thought .The difficult part is having to stand up in front of every one and read your poem. Now i cant wait until the block party i am so looking forward to the event.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 2: Khadejah Blair

We are P.O.E.T.I.C (Positivity On Earth Teaches Inspirational Change). This summer our main goal at Artworks for Milwaukee will be to work together to become knowledgeable about crime and violence issues that face the 53204 neighborhood. At the end of our 8 weeks we will have a block party for this community trying to spread the world about the types of crime our neighborhoods are facing and what we can do to stop this.

Last week our team accomplished the following:
  • We did group discussions tasks, which allowed us to practice social and cross-cultural employability skills by getting to know the new faces.
  • We did brainstorming tasks, which  allowed us to practice critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, and innovation employability skills by working together.
  • We also had a sharing session, which allowed us to practice communication and collaboration employability skills by giving constructive feedback.
This week our team is going to accomplish the following:
  • We will complete our flyer's for the block party, which allows us to practice creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • We will do research on four words we have chosen, which allows us to practice critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Interns will go to Manpower for a career coaching course, which allows us  to practice professionalism skills.
PERSONAL FEEDBACK- So far my program is going well. I'm learning different skills to write a good poem. The easiest thing is getting along with the different personalities in one room. The most difficult thing is working together as a team when we have group sessions. Theirs a lot of voices and we all want our opinion to be heard. I really encourage students to ge t involved in a program like Artworks so we can have something positive in the summer.

Congratulations to the Intern Team!

Under the guidance of Lead Artist Dan Vaughn, the following 8 teen Interns were hired to work together on the "Safe & Sound Spoken Word" program at ArtWorks:
  • Khadejah B., Riverside University High School
  • Bianca C., North Division High School
  • Stacy C., Washington High School
  • Jalon C., NOVA High School
  • Maisha H., Transition High School
  • Fadima H., Clara Mohammed School
  • Monique J., Northwest Secondary School
  • Nico K., Riverside University High School
Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your work and learning from you!