Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog #3 Week 4: Monique & Maisha

Are team accomplished The following for last week :

  • We finished the flyer for the block party occurring on August 27,2011.
  • We did research and presentations on different types of poems
  • (Such as Limerick, Haiku, Imagery, and even Acrostic).
  • We also brainstormed on different ideas to stop violence.
  • We thought of great ideas for our CD name.
We did critical thinking, problem solving, creative & innovation which allowed us to practice employable skills.

This week are team will accomplish:
  1. The Lead Artist and Artworks leadership will meet with each intern for a formal evaluation.
  2. Each intern will review the goals they set for themselves on fundamentals day.
  3. We will ask a co-worker for their input.
  4. We will assess what progress we have made towards achieving them.
  5. We will also determine what specific steps they need to take to meet/exceed our goals. 
We will focus on communication & collaboration employable skills.

Personal Feedback:
  • So far I think that this program is fun and it teaches every intern different types of work ethics.
  • The group participating in communicating with one another, group decision making, and every interns voice being heard was easier than I expected.
  • Creative writing was the most difficult than I expected.

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